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Why Australia?

  1. High Standard of Education:Australian Government has laid out strict requirements and a well-established monitoring system for educational institutions in Australia. The Australian qualifications are recognised worldwide.
  2. Practical and Flexible curriculum and modern teaching facilities:Curriculum are designed for students of all levels. A variety of options are available. Computer and internet are popular means for teaching and learning.
  3. A safe learning environment:Australia has low crime rate and strict gun control laws. Overseas students enjoy friendly hospitality and are accepted in this multicultural society. Academic staff are all well-experienced in managing students from different cultures. So overseas students adjust to the Australian way in a very short period.
  4. Mild climate and wonderful landscapes:Australia has four seasons, summer, autumn, winter and spring. Australia has vast landscapes and a variety of fascinating sceneries. Students can take a tour during holidays to enjoy the country's natural beauty as well as its culture.
  5. Cost Effective:Tuition fees and living expenses are significantly less than the USA and the UK. Students are able to obtain quality education and a high standard of living.

Melbourne is voted as the most liveable city in the world since 2003 and the University of Melbourne is the number one university in Australia.