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  • Assist and provide detailed information on student visa application procedures
  • Visa extensions and advice on medical check-up procedures

Student Visa Subclass

Independent ELICOS Sector Subclass 570

For international students undertaking ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) as a stand-alone course, and not as a prerequisite to commencing another course (for example, a degree course)

Schools Subclass 571

For international students undertaking a course of study at a primary school or a secondary school, including both junior and senior secondary schools

Vocational Education and Training (VET) Subclass 572

For international students undertaking Certificate I, II, III and IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma.

Higher Education Subclass 573

For international students undertaking Bachelor Degree, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master Degree by course work

Postgraduate Research Subclass 574

For international students undertaking Master Degree by research and Doctoral Degree

Non-award Subclass 575

For international students undertaking Foundation, bridging or other courses that do not lead to an Australian award

AusAID or Defence Subclass 576

Full-time study undertaken by AusAID or Defence-sponsored students for the whole or part of an education or training course offered by an Australian education provider

Package courses

If you wish to apply for a package course comprising an enabling course (e.g. A pre-requisite English Language, foundation or bridging course) followed by the principal course (e.g. a Bachelor degree), you should apply under the visa subclass applicable to the principal course.

Assessment factors

The assessment factors of financial ability, English proficiency, compliance with visa conditions and any other relevant matters include:

  • Your capacity to cover the extent of the cost of air fares, tuition fees and other expenses associated with your study and stay in Australia;
  • Your capacity to support any family members (whether or not visa applicants) for the duration of your stay in Australia;
  • Your level of English language proficiency;
  • The situation in your home country e.g. personal or financial commitments that may prompt you to return to your home country;
  • Your academic record and history in the context of the course you intend to study;
  • Your immigration history e.g. previous compliance with immigration laws and whether you have previously applied for entry to Australia;
  • Whether your proposed course is consistent with, and appropriate to, your current level of education.

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