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Arrange all types of accommodation (eg: flat, apartment, shared housing, hostel, student halls, homestay, etc) at the most convenient location with competitive rates.

Hostel: provided by school, you share room with other student assigned by the school. Most hostels don't provide meals. You share facilities, such as laundry, bathroom and cooking with others. It will cost approximately AU$1,000 per month.

Student Hall: private hostels run by third parties. Most are located in urban areas. Price depends on included facilities. You can have your own suite with private bath and cooking if pay more. It will cost approximately AU$200 per week (cost varies between Australian cities).

Flat and Apartment: owned by individuals. You can hire your own or share with others. You must get it via property agents or individuals. Most flats and apartment are close to urban area. It will cost approximately $250 per week.

House or Unit: owned by individuals. You live in a premise with one building. It is a little bit far away from urban area. You can hire or share with your friends through property agents or land owners. It will cost approximately AU$300 per week and must do the maintenance jobs.

Homestay: provided by individual families. You live in an Australian family but have your own room. The family will provide three meals per day. It will cost approximately AU$200 per week.


  1. Telecommunication company will charge every phone call. There is no free phone call available. If you share accommodation or live in homestay, you must pay your calls.
  2. If you hire a unit (flat, apartment or house), you must read the tenancy or lease agreement carefully. There will be certain restrictions and responsibilities. You must check the whole unit (inside and outside) and list any damage before you sign the agreement.
  3. If you have special requirement, notify the host family of homestay before you move in.